Wednesday, July 09, 2003

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Pretty interesting article on the cause of liberal anger. Any culture that makes Ann Coulter a legitimate political figure has a fair share of problems:
For example, here comes Ann Coulter with a new "book" rehabilitating Joe McCarthy. OK, it's only Ann Coulter, and she's a nut. But actually it's not only Ann Coulter; liberal anti-Americanism is the theme of several recent right-wing books (by Mona Charen, Sean Hannity and that 13-year-old boy pundit). Furthermore, wait two or three years for a "scholarly" book or documentary (written or made with right-wing funding) to come out "proving" that McCarthy was a wronged man. And finally, watch The New York Times, in the interest of being either "fair" or mischievously counterintuitive or both, give it a thumbs-up.

So yeah. We're pissed. And being counseled to cool it by conservatives doesn't make us any less pissed. It rings with all the sincerity of a husband smacking his wife for a few years and then lecturing her that anger won't solve anything.

Yes, Hei Lun, I said legitimate. She may not sell as many books to the zealots as Michael Moore does, but Ann has a right-wing air of credibility (before you ask - it smells like geriatric spirit) around her that Michael Moore doesn't. I can't explain why the fellowship of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy adore Ann, but i'm sure her time on Capital Hill as a congressional aide and her former position as a National Review regular (where she published her September 12 plea for the United States to march into the middle east, kill all the leaders and convert the muslims to christianity) as well as her constant tv-gigs give her a legitimacy Michael Moore and his fat man from Detroit act can't ever earn.
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