Thursday, July 10, 2003

The candidate nobody likes 

Virginia Postrel finds that Esquire doesn't like John Kerry. First, the Esquire photographer on Kerry:

He told me it was an ambassador on the other end and at one point offered me the hang-loose sign with his free hand.
Now Postrel:

... on p. 32 in the same issue, Esquire's list of "Things a Man Should Never Do Past the Age of 30" includes, as item #3, "Flash the hang-loose hand sign, even if he is actually hanging loose." Nope, they don't like him at all.
And even for a photography shoot, Kerry manages to bring up his Vietnam service:

Senator Kerry's initial idea for the shoot was to pose with his wife on the type of gunboat he captained in the Vietnam War.
(Via Instapundit).
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