Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Chicken Little may have gotten it right -- beware of the skies! 

How is it that Rupert Murdoch is one step a head of Pinky & The Brain? Because he's about to aquire DirecTV, which would give him a satellite system which finally spans the globe. More over at The Nation:

Murdoch is on the cusp of fulfilling a longstanding ambition that will finally give him a global network of powerful orbiting, interactive, direct broadcast satellites. Imagine a torrential downpour of dozens of Fox News Channels targeting major US cities; a super-broadband site continuously promoting the viewpoints of the Weekly Standard; and the ability to focus similar political messages simultaneously in Asia, Europe and North and South America. Murdoch's proposed control of DirecTV, the country's leading direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service, will ultimately harm the interests of those seeking greater political and social justice, let alone quality news and entertainment programming.

A few points: While I'm kind of inclined to think shrinking the satellite tv market from three companies to two probably isn't in the consumers best interest, this article wreaks of the sort of psuedo-liberal alarmism which really bothers me. How does Fox News on satellite harm anyone? It probably should be known that DirecTVs biggest draw is its exclusive 'NFL Sunday Ticket' which allows NFL fans with their service to watch any football game they choose on any given Sunday. Needless to say, the NFL is not exactly a subervsive organization to either political party.

Do hysterical liberals actually believe that FNC is brain-washing people? You don't have to ring my arm to get me to admit that FNC presents a specific ideological view point, but how is that any different than subscribing to a certain 'progressive' magazine? Why is someone acting against the interests of "political and social justice" when they exercise their freedom to chose a source of information? And am I allowed to say that I think the term 'social justice' just sucks. Every time I see that term it just feels like a slap in the face, an accusation that either I comply or be accused of commiting some kind of crime.

Here's my absolute favorite quote from that article - "We should not only be aware of the more immediate threats from Murdoch's new acquisition but also reflect on why progressives, labor and others are shut out of any major electronic media resource." Maybe it's because you people are poor and haven't actually bought a news network yet?! There isn't actually a law against progressives owning a cable news network, and their isn't some boogey-man keeping you away either. Or maybe there is. Let's call him "The System". Heaven forbid liberals buy into "The Sytem" and conduct their business the way The Political Middle of America care to approach issues, less they be ostracized for being too corporate. Am I wrong to believe that notions of social justice gain philosophical vigor solely because they're unpopular?

Boy am I full of rants lately.
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