Friday, July 18, 2003

the deficit rag 

Sing along at home:
The deficit rag, oh yeah the deficit rag,
Those budget gaps can be a twelve-digit drag,
I'm telling ya, that's the deficit,
They really made a mess of it,
That's the deficit rag!

Well John McCain feels your pain! From today's 'Friends of McCain' e-mail newsletter:

"Congress is spending like a drunken sailor"
Senator John McCain, July 17, 2003

Following are excerpts from Senator McCain's floor speech regarding the Fiscal Year 2004 Defense Appropriations Act. Click here to read the entire speech.

"Our current economic situation and vital national security concerns require that now, more than ever, we prioritize our federal spending. Yesterday, the Office of Management and Budget announced that we will be running a budget deficit of over $455 billion.

"In a report issued this week, the non-partisan Concord Coalition said that the first six months of this year was "the most fiscally irresponsible in recent memory." I would say that Congress is spending like a drunken sailor, but never in my naval career did I see a sailor drunk or sober act this irresponsibly."

I am still on the good senator's e-mail list from the year 2000 election. Last week I registered my e-mail address with the Dean, Kerry and Lieberman campaigns, but i've yet to receive anything from any campaign except three requests that I give them more information about myself. I suppose i'm not worth their time unless they have the ability to ask for money through the mail and via telephone, not just by e-mail like my buddy John McCain does.
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