Wednesday, July 16, 2003

election buster? 

Yahoo! is reporting that the pro-american mayor Hadithah, a town northwest of Baghdad, and his son have been assasinated. This comes on the heels of a report I saw on AOL of an Iraqi crowd cheering the death of an american soldier.

What do we know about the progress of the Iraqi state and the repair/devolopment of the Iraqi infrastructure? The american people were told by this administration that we would not only free the Iraqi people from Saddam, but also rebuild a viable Iraqi state. The phrase "Marshall Plan" was constantly tossed around, and initially it appeared as if there was political pressure enough to make this promise stick in Iraq despite the fact that the american public quickly forgot about their promise to the Afghanis.

So can the Dems press the "he's done nothing for our economy, and he's doing nothing for their homeland" issue, and would the american people care? As a further indicator that this country is getting over it's Vietnam disease, there doesn't appear to be much political pressure due to the daily death of yet another young american G.I. If the country's dedicated will can embrace our youth in body bags with only remorse for the soldiers families, can the lack of material and political success in building the foundation of a free Iraqi state grab their attention?
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