Wednesday, July 09, 2003

it's called humble pie 

Ok so maybe i've come a bit more to the right in a year, or maybe not. I blog, you decide.

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so i'm on zmag.org right now and i picked some article at random, (http://www.zmag.org/content/TerrorWar/gerson_war.cfm), and it's pretty much reflective of everything i can't stand in a lot of lefty criticism.

no where does the far left (that i've seen) ever recognize two pretty simple facts:

1) The United States continued to face supreme danger following the 9/11 attacks. We attempted the peaceful negotation route, we asked the Taliban for almost a month to surrender every member of Al Qaida currently in their country and they refused.

2) How does anyone legitimize Sadaam Husseins right to control Iraq? While im not in favor of punching our way through that country, and i think most rational people would agree with me that unless we find a smoking gun (aka sadaam handing terrorists weapons) we won't be going into Iraq.

The facts remain that Sadaam commits far more human rights violations than the US (he used bio weapons against Iran AND tested other biological weapons on his own peoples!), he refuses to sign arms non proliferation treaties, he wont comply with UN requests to allow weapons inspectors into his country, AND (to shut down this conspiracy theory) his oil is of little consequence to the US. Look it up! In each of the last two summers (if i'm remembering correctly) Sadaam has SHUT DOWN his oil production, even though this is his sole source of supplies for his people, and the US hasn't collapsed. He's doing it again this summer, i believe the announcement came on monday.

While the US has backed ugly dictators in the past, i dont see how the writer of this article can denounce dictatorship (US backed and others) and then argue against isolating Iraq from the community of nations. How about we allow a little sanity into our brains, realize that although he may be taking missteps (i disagreed with calling Iran part of the axis of evil as its farily moderate says the NRO, but N. Korea and Iraq are supreme baddys, not to mention N. Korea shut down the sunshine talks before the whole "axis of evil" thing) George Bush may actually be trying nothing more than to kill bad people.

'k this took longer than i had for my break, but i eagerly await your response
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