Friday, July 11, 2003

jaybob whole-heartedly agrees 

This is why you have to read the Sports Guy:
I was watching "Swordfish" for the 38th time the other day. I swear that it was for the Travolta scenes, when it hit me that many female stars, who never would have done it before, are surprising us by taking off their tops now. Halle Berry, Rene Russo in the "Thomas Crown Affair," etc. At what point in their career do they need to do this and who is next. I'm thinking either Catherine Zeta Jones or Julia Roberts. -- Kevin from Boston

I vote for Katie Holmes. Yeah, she went topless in "The Gift," but she needs to take things to the next level. She needs a kickstart -- one of those "'Basic Instinct' for the next generation"-type roles. Listen, ladies, Halle showed you the playbook. It can be done. And Jennifer Love Hewitt, I hope you're reading this.

(While we're on the subject, here's a wild card: What about Serena Williams? She's a fledgling actress, and the American public is clamoring for more. Wouldn't a shocking nude scene in some suspenseful cop thriller with Taye Diggs send America into an absolute tizzy? And can you imagine Bud Collins' rection? They'd have to carry him out of the theater.)

Here i'm going on record for the last time. Halle Berry's topless scene in Swordfish was the most over-rated nude scene ever. Big props to her though.
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