Thursday, July 10, 2003

luckily, more bureaucracy is on the way 

Sweltering Danish troops in Iraq get snowploughs instead of sunscreen:
Given their gripes about being given armoured vehicles with no air conditioning in the Iraqi desert, the 380-strong contingent stationed in Qurna, 75 kilometers (45 miles) from Basra, could not believe their eyes when they discovered the lawnmowers, a snowplough and even salt for icy roads.

The gaffe came amid growing complaints from the troops who say they have been shipped bullet-proof vests in the wrong sizes, too few armoured vehicles and vehicles in poor condition that were supposed to be scrapped but were sent to Iraq instead.

In addition, they say they did not receive stakes for their tents nor morphine for the medical service, while some of their other equipment has not been able to withstand the extreme heat, according to a report in the Ekstra Bladet tabloid.
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