Sunday, July 13, 2003

maybe Aerosmith should have called the album "no more super-sizing" 

The Sunday Times reports that Burgers are addictive as drugs. The problem, of course, is in the pudding:
However, a meal at a fast food outlet — burger, chips, drink and dessert — can deliver almost all of an adult man’s recommended daily calories in a single sitting. For example, a McDonald’s quarter pounder with cheese contains 516 calories. A large portion of french fries adds another 412, and an accompanying large milk shake another 500 calories — while a chocolate doughnut or dessert gives a further 379.

The total is more than 1,800 calories, most of it coming from fat and sugar. By comparison, a leg of chicken with boiled potatoes and peas plus an apple contain about 800 calories, with a relatively small proportion comprising fat or sugar.

While I certainly do not endorse eating McDonalds food at all, I won't go near the stuff, who the hell makes a meal of a single leg of a chicken, boiled potatoes and peas with an apple for desert?

Andrew Stuttaford, who I stole the link from, dismisses the findings:
Notice the use of conveniently vague words and phrases such as “significant” and “similar to,” but even if we do accept the researchers’ premise that junk food is somehow ‘addictive’ (and I don’t) all that this signifies is that our notions of ‘addiction’ are so vague as to be meaningless. You can prove this by playing a simple word game. Instead of saying that burgers are, say, as addictive as heroin, turn the phrase round to say that heroin is no more addictive than fatty food. Nonsense? Yes.
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