Thursday, July 10, 2003

maybe they should walk faster 

Teenage drinking continues to be a really befuddling issue in society. Take this report in yesterdays Patriot Ledger. It details how police departments in the area can't combat teenagers as well this summer due to shrinking budgets. They just don't have the man power to cover the hot local party spots. My complaint, as detailed in the report, and as I remember from high school, there just aren't any teeth in these teen-drinking busts. If you're going to spend the money and man-power to bust up parties then you've got to arrest these kids, put a good fright into them, so they have a disincentive to return. The way the system works now the cops simply confiscate your beer and call your parents, and unfortunately on this issue most parents take a "how can I tell them not to do what i did?" approach. Just another typical story:
Also this summer, about 30 kids were partying about a quarter mile into woods near Shea Rink, Crowley said.

‘‘They had a bonfire going,’’ he said. ‘‘You could see it from the street. They were all sitting around, having beers. There was evidence they were smoking marijuana.’’

Police in Pembroke suspect it was a campfire or bonfire at a teen gathering in the woods that resulted in a Kingston teenager’s severe facial burns over the weekend. The teen is being treated at a Boston hospital.

‘‘Part of the problem is you can’t keep walking in (the woods) a quarter of a mile,’’ Crowley said. ‘‘We’re busy, we’ve got other calls. We just can’t devote an hour time. It would take a half hour to walk in, a half hour to walk out.’’
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