Thursday, July 10, 2003

more confusion in the Kobe case 

ESPN's latest report provides depth sorely lacking from their other reports, but this case is still a complete mystery. Yesterday the big story was that Kobe had been picked-up by a cab at a hospital emergency room 12 hours after the alleged sex-crime took place. My reaction: so what... what does that mean? It had been reported that Kobe was in Colorado to undergo knee surgery. Was this cab ride his post knee surgery transportation? The media was very unclear.

Today's report is entirely different. ESPN reports that the 19 year old victim was also in the emergency room with Kobe. At that time Kobe donated some of his DNA, most likely so it could be checked against anything found on the victim.

I'm not sure of Kobe travels with a posse like most NBA players, but if I had to write this as a movie-of-the-week, I would imagine this is the story of a star-struck girl who gets invited to party with a famous NBA player, gets totally wasted, and then had sex with one of Kobe's posse. That's still just pure speculation at this point.

As for David Aldridge's whore, the story linked above tells a different tale:
The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that the alleged victim is a former cheerleader and choir singer at Eagle Valley High School who was described as "fun- loving, outgoing and emotional" by friends.

A couple that lives next door expressed shock that the alleged victim is the woman they know.

"My husband was just saying this morning that he was a disbeliever of the legal action against Kobe -- he thinks Kobe is a stand-up guy," the wife, who declined to give her name, told the Times. "But my thinking all along has been, 'Why would this woman give a false accusation and open herself up to all this scrutiny unless something happened?' "

Her husband told the newspaper that his position changed upon learning the identity of the alleged victim.

"It's more complicated now," the man said. "My thinking was entirely based on Kobe's clean image. But now, actually knowing this girl and her family a lot more than I know Kobe, I just do not think she would do anything malicious. We're dealing with a young girl here, somebody brought up in the mountains, a trusting person.
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