Wednesday, July 09, 2003

moving into ahmad's house 

We've been hearing it at least since Jerry Stackhouse came out of UNC back in 1995, "x is the next Michael, y is the next Michael... no, z is definitely the next Michael." I'm still not convinced Kobe Bryant is the next Michael, but if he is, we can rest comfortably knowing that David Aldridge has approached the Ahmad Rashad Memorial Drive and decided to pay the toll. Here i'm quoting from David's latest column on free-agent player movement in the NBA this offseason. Emphasis is my own:

For six, does GP's decision take some of the PR heat off of Kobe? We literally do not know what supposedly happened in that resort on June 30, but we know that something happened bad enough for police to issue an arrest warrant. It may well turn out to be that a liar, or a golddigger, or a star-struck young girl is behind this, but if there's more to this than we know now, it could also be devastating for Bryant -- and by extension, a league that has tied a lot of its promotions and ratings hopes to the Forum Blue and Gold.

I don't live under a rock. I understand the way the groupie system works in the NBA. I understand that the Shawn Kemp's of the world end up with nearly a dozen children in part because a sub-group of young women play, and indeed hope to win, the sperm-lottery. Yet i'm quite sure that Aldridge has crossed the line of decency in this report. Yes, there's a 50/50 chance the woman is lying, but since so few facts have been revealed in this case I think it's flat out despicable to suggest this woman, this victim, is some brand of whore. Sadly, "innocent until proven guilty" appears to be a credo we must adopt not only for those accused of crimes, but for women brave enough to confront powerful men in a court of law.
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