Tuesday, July 15, 2003

New media, same empty babble 

So it's day two of Howard Dean's guest blogging at Lawrence Lessig's site. So what's there? A post on media consolidation that doesn't fully make an argument and another on how we need to base decisions on facts and to fight "the special interests". Why is deregulation bad? Because Internet access providers could block content they "didn't like". Why would they do that to drive their customers to all the other Internet access providers? Didn't say. Why else is deregulation bad? Because the content "media conglomerates" provide are less independent and less dependable. Why is that? Didn't say. And of course, the fearmongering in the end about "economic power" seizing power, and how AT! THIS! VERY! MOMENT! that possibility is greater than ever, as if he had never heard of William Randolph Hearst.

The second post is a gem too. First a plethora of platitudes and how he's "here to listen" (insert Hillary/listening tour joke here - ed.). Then he tells us that unlike that guy in charge, he bases his decisions on facts. We're supposed to trust that he did this with regard to Iraq because he changed his mind on a needle exchange program. Now I'm convinced! Then the stuff about special interests and how there's 33 lobbyists for every Congressman. The next bit is absolute gold and requires setting it aside with an inset:

How do we change that? By working together.
Well knock me over with a feather! We're saved now!
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