Wednesday, July 09, 2003

NRO complaints 

First item, this comment made by K.Lo: "It's official: The Jessica Lynch story didn’t exactly happen the way the Washington Post first reported it (in heroic detail). Could the story they painted been motivated by their agenda vis-à-vis women in the military? Shocking, I know. "

Interesting spin, n'est-ce pas? Pretty typical The Corner attitude, to ignore the fact that the military was responsible for the leaks and the video-tape which began the Pfc. Jessica Lynch stories in the first place. Sure, no one forced the media to report this story, but if we're going to assume that the military is an accurate source for news information then how could any media outlet passs up on this story? As reported in the Washington Post story linked above, it was a military camera crew which filmed the "American special- operations forces carrying her broken body on a stretcher from the hospital to a rescue aircraft." Heaven forbid someone in The Corner ignore a chance to criticize the conduct of the Bush administration when they could just assume liberal bias in the media.

Second item, this post by Jonah on the topic of Dr. Strange's sexuality. I'm constantly being surprised yet saddened by Jonah, a man who carries some cache for being able to drop comic and Simpsons references, yet far more often than note bungles things! For someone who's a charter member of the MTV Generation, pop-culture references always liven up any discussion and help to keep my interest, but it's disapointing to constantly see someone err like that. Maybe I need to volunteer to be his "Marvel Comics-guy".
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