Monday, July 14, 2003

Primary of Cowards 

Tom Maguire links to a story in the Miami Herald about the NAACP candidates forum in which four of the nine candidates initially refused to attend:

''If you can't come to the nation's oldest and largest civil rights organization's national conference to lay out what you believe in and the direction you think our country should go in, you certainly have no legitimacy going into black communities asking for votes,'' said Mfume, as he prepared to welcome delegates to the NAACP's annual conference. ``If you can't do a forum where you're simply asked a question and asked to respond, the question is can you really lead?''

... Mfume suggested a different theory for the candidates' reluctance: a fear of matching wits with Sharpton or Dean, whose lively style and support for positions backed by the NAACP are likely to win enthusiastic applause.

''If you're afraid to appear against Al Sharpton, then maybe you need to be running for another office,'' he said.
Maguire adds this comment:

As Charles Barkley famously inquired about one of the 1992 Olympic Dream Team opponents, "Why don't ya'll take your ass-kickin' like men and go on home?"
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