Tuesday, July 15, 2003

re: Howard Dean 

Those are some really interesting points you make about Wesley Clark, but allow Dale Arnold and I to play devil's advocate here for Howard Dean.

While i'm not up on the legitimacy of the claims against Dean's governership in Vermont, I think Dean hits a huge homerun in the general election with his critique of the Bush economic policy and the buzzwords of fiscal responsibility. *If* in fact he managed Vermont as well as he says he has, I think the Dubya is especially vulnerable for the record deficits his tax cuts have created. Dean has been the only democrat i've seen make this criticism of the President stick.

His foreign policy stance is really out of whack, but other than that Mrs. Lincoln, I don't see why Howard Dean can't be the star of this play. It's not as if we've never elected a president with a non-existant bordering bad foreign policy history before, right?
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