Thursday, July 10, 2003

Re: So who's being the bigger hypocrite here?  

Nick wrote:

Now we're being looked down upon because we're not threatening more regime's in Africa?
It depends on which African country you're talking about. While there were no objections to the U.S.'s sending troops into Liberia, there probably would be if Bush had demanded that Mugabe resign or threatened to intervene. Remember that Mugabe had made a diplomatic visit to France a few months earlier. Bush's refusal to call for Mugabe's resignation can be viewed as a refusal to further antagonize France, which, as fun as it might be, is in the long term counterproductive. And given that we now need France for UN approval of the peacekeeping in Iraq so that other countries such as India and Pakistan would send in troops, it was probably the right move by Bush.
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