Friday, July 11, 2003

Should "wingnuts" be judges? 

Kevin Drum calls appeals court nominee William Pryor a "wingnut". Several days earlier, he describes himself as "being in the leftward 20% of the country". Presumably he does not consider himself a wingnut, so his idea of a wingnut would consist of less than 20% of each side of the ideological spectrum (unless he thinks that only the right side has wingnuts). If it's not 20%, then what is it? 10%? 5%? Does being in that 5 or 10% eliminate oneself from being considered as a federal appeals judge, as Drum seem to think of Pryor? Does he also think that Charles Pickering, Priscilla Owen, and Miguel Estrada are also in the rightmost 5 or 10% of the country? If not, does he think they should be confirmed as judges?
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