Thursday, July 10, 2003

So who's being the bigger hypocrite here? 

The Daily Telegraph has a story today about President Bush refusing to demand that evil dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, resign. Appearantely Dubya "disappointed millions of Zimbabweans yesterday when he said America would defer to South Africa's quiet diplomacy on changing the behaviour of President Robert Mugabe's regime."

While I generally find The Daily Telegraph to be a great newspaper, this story has me really confused. We threatened that Liberian guy and he said "yes, eventually." The US is now planning on sending in troops to Liberia without a UN security counsel resolution, and the world rejoices. We threatened Saddam and he said "no way jose." The US sent in 200,000+ troops along with several other nations, without a *new* UN security counsel resolution, and the United States got labeled as the most dangerous rogue state on the planet. Now we're being looked down upon because we're not threatening more regime's in Africa?

Talk about mixed messages.
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