Friday, July 18, 2003

Terry McAuliffe is a genius 

DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe promised that no Democrat will be on the ballot if there is recall of California Gray Davis:

"I want the folks here in California to know that we are not going to have another Democrat on the ballot. I think that is the single biggest message I can give today," DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe said at a downtown news conference.

"So if you're a California voter and you want to vote to recall Gray Davis, you are not going to have an option but a bunch of right-wing conservatives on the ballot," McAuliffe said.
Mark Kleiman is not happy:

... I'll give you three to one it's not going to work. Some Democrat is going to make the race. And even if no serious Democrat does, the voters are still probably angry enough to give Davis the boot anyway. Telling them up front that you're going to deny them any options is likely to make them more angry, not less.
But isn't this exactly the scenario Kleiman wished for: exactly one Democrat in the race? They'll be angry at Davis, and they'll be angry at McAuliffe, but they won't be angry at whoever the Democratic candidate is, since that candidate will have 1) given voters a real choice and 2) flagrantly defied the unpopular Davis. And again, as the only Democrat in the race, winning is highly probable.
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