Friday, July 18, 2003

this is why it's not good to be a fatty-fat-fat-fat 

Yoshitake Maeda passed away today, the 15 year old sumo wrestler weighed in at 308 lbs on just a 6 foot 2 inch body. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected "the sumo association has required wrestlers to undergo medical checkups after several died of heart problems in 1992. Since then, 10 wrestlers have been ordered to retire from the ring because of health problems. "

So lets get this straight, the japanese like to watch big fat man and cartoon women wrestle and bump titties? Why do we let our children watch their tv shows? Has anyone actually sat down and watched the kind of crap they pass off as Saturday morning cartoons lately? Where do I protest for trade barriers against this month's hot card game turned "tv" show?
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