Thursday, July 10, 2003

Whiteness studies 

John Derbyshire writes about whiteness studies as an academic discipline in American universities. He also links to and takes the "privilege walk" that supposedly measures one's social advantages in life. For each item, the student is instructed to either take a step forward or back. Derbyshire ended up 10 steps back. I, on the other hand, was only 7 steps back. Does that mean I'm more privileged than this white writer?

The instructors are also instructed to ask the following questions after the students take this walk. Questions are in italics. My answers follow.

1) What happened?
A long time ago, some smart people decided to pass their knowledge to others through education. This worked pretty well for a long time. Then idiots took over.

2) How did this exercise make you feel?
That I'm glad I never took a class half as stupid as this.

3) What were your thoughts as you did this exercise?
What does half of these questions have to do with being white? Do all white white people live in nice neighborhoods with loving homes while non-whites live in back alleys raised by hobos?

4) What have you learned from this experience?
We must have gone a long way in race relations if this is the best guilty white people can come up with.

5) What can you do with this information in the future?
Pray that all these idiots move to Canada?
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