Sunday, November 30, 2003

Being too culturally sensitive 

Some feminists in Australia are unhappy about the convictions of gang rapists. Why is that? Because the rapists are Muslims. To these women (and a lot of men), the fear of being "culturally insensitive" outweighs their concerns about the fact that women are being gang raped. No crime is inexcusable as long as it's committed by persecuted minorities. Gang rape? What gang rape? Nothing to see here, just good natured Muslims being diverse:

But the social problem behind the rapes hasn't gone away. Whatever makes a subsection of immigrant families in Sydney bring up their sons with such disregard for "Australian" or non-Muslim females remains. In a speech recently, former detective sergeant Tim Priest, the Cabramatta whistleblower, said he saw a pattern of denial about "Middle Eastern crime" similar to that which he experienced about drug crime in Cabramatta. He told of many instances of police "backing down to Middle Eastern thugs" in confrontations in what he calls the "Muslim-dominated areas" of south-western Sydney.
A blanket condemnation of Muslims? Not quite. The writer finds that there is a "vast bulk of decent, law-abiding Muslims in Sydney, whose own leaders have been vocal in support of harsh sentences for gang rapists." So here is a problem that Muslims themselves are trying to address, but others are trying to pretend doesn't exist. Are multiculturalists so blinded by their devotion to their ideology that they can't see what is wrong with the picture?

Kathy Kinsley at On the Third Hand comments:

It's long past time that all of us in the west start fighting back against the type of 'multiculturalism' that says any culture except western culture must be respected. If I go live in a country with a different culture (and I have), I respect that culture. If a someone comes to live in my culture I demand they show respect for my culture. Anyone who comes here and doesn't show respect for my culture can expect no respect from me. Anyone who comes here and thinks they can commit crimes because their culture doesn't approve of ours should find themselves in jail and then deported after they get out. Nor is it racism to demand respect for our culture from those coming here. If you despise western culture you can just find somewhere else to live.
Sadly, many of the people who seem to most despise western culture are native to the west and can't be kicked out.
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