Monday, November 24, 2003

Race gone overboard 

What would be your reaction if you read this?

Investigators found that black children younger than 2 waited an average of 223 days to be adopted, while white children averaged a 145-day wait.

State and county officials acknowledged that mistakes were made, but were disappointed by the fine.


Jollis said the county has fixed the problems and detailed changes in a report sent to the Office of Civil Rights last week.

‘‘It’s hard for me to believe they’ve read it and paid any attention to it,’’ she said.

Barbara Riley, who leads the state’s Office for Children and Families, said staff has been added and rules rewritten to bring the state in compliance.
Any reasonable person would assume that what happened was that the state was discriminating against the black babies because the people working in the agency cared more about white babies getting adopted, right? Wrong. Here's what actually happened:

The state and Hamilton County have been fined $1.8 million by a federal agency for blocking white families from adopting black children between 1995 and 2000.


A report in October by the federal Office of Civil Rights detailed numerous instances in which caseworkers at Hamilton County’s adoption agency delayed and derailed white parents’ efforts to adopt black children.
And apparently, this is a widespread practice.

This is something that is undoubtedly bad for the black children involved. And yet this practice continues because its proponents think that "black children belong to black parents" and that "the most sensitive, loving, and skilled white parent could not avoid doing irreparable harm to an African American child". It's racial seperatism like we had in our past history, and once again it's a detriment to blacks.

(Via Eugene Volokh)
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