Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Campaign finance laws don't work: example #3477 

John Kerry will borrow $6.4 million to spend on the primary so that he will go down in flames even more spectacularly. Why doesn't he just use his wife's money? The answer is that it would violate campaign finance laws, since the money is only in his wife's name, and it would be illegal for her to put the money in his name after he declared his candidacy. Of course, Kerry is actually spending his wife's money anyway, since after the election he will most likely use his wife's money to pay off the loan. (Unless he, um, wins the nomination, at which point the donations will be rolling in ... [Hey, stop laughing!--Ed.]) That would be illegal, but all he has to do is pay a fine for that, which he'll pay with, you guessed it, his wife's money. So a law that tries to prevent a candidate from spending the spouse's money will do nothing of the sort.
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