Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Cleaning out the desk drawer (e-mail box) of the Bloggers' mind 

1) TMQ on psychics:
"[Sylvia] Browne foresees floating cars with atomic batteries; Atlantis reappearing in the year 2023 (good news for Aquaman, see below); the West Coast and Japan disappearing beneath the oceans beginning in 2026; "people will be able to simply 'walk out' of their bodies upon death;" the presidency will be abolished; world peace will arrive in the year 2050; criminals will be executed by "complete vaporization of the body;" friendly space aliens will arrive on Earth in the year 2010 to present us as a gift the anti-gravity devices used to construct the Pyramids. The friendly aliens do not, apparently, warn about the coming problems on the California coast and Japan. Also, according to Browne, the temporal universe will end in the year 2100. If time fails to end in the year 2100, don't call up Browne and demand your money back. She will have simply walked out of her body by then.

TMQ has always wondered about licensing exams for psychics. If you're really a psychic, wouldn't you just know the answers? In fact, you wouldn't need to see the questions. TMQ proposes that a psychic's licensing exam should simply be a blank sheet of paper, upon which the aspirant would answer the questions he or she knows would have been asked."
2) Michael Moore has posted letters from soldiers in Iraq on his website. They're exactly what you would expect from something on Moore's site, but since I have no reason to doubt their authenticity they merit a looksie.

3) Good things you can do for the troops - Donate through the WWE, and the Howard Dean campaign suggests that you send care packages through Any Soldier or help our heroes get home to their families by dontaing to HeroMiles.org.
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