Wednesday, December 24, 2003

the college contrarian movement 

Campus Press Notes links to a story which exemplifies my lack of sympathy for the "Woe be us" College Republican movement:
Brian Glotzbach, a Metro student, said he has seen the required books other students buy for classes. He said most of the books are by liberal authors.

"What Michael Moore has to do with an American history class is anyone's guess," he said. "My question is, where are the books by Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly?"

The evidence the students offered was anecdotal - with many admitting they had not taken their grievances up with their respective institutions.
There are real ideological problems on college campuses, this CPN entry proves just that, but the College Republicans inevitably wish to refute Michael Moore with Ann Coulter. (Also see this and this CPN entry for the University of Tennessee Issues Committee controversy.)

If the College Repub. crowd were to understand that neither Michael Moore nor Ann Coulter belong on a syllabus then they might earn my respect, but as things stand, they're more interested in complaining that they're annoyed by shrill liberal rhetoric, and that they instead would prefer to have their own shrill rhetoric repeated to themselves and their fellow students.

I'll 'just say no' to that.
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