Friday, December 12, 2003

Dirty Bush **updated** 

Gregg Easterbrook continues the crusade against the enviros on George Bush's environmental record:
The latest example of the media standing on its head regarding George W. Bush's environmental policies is the treatment accorded the White House announcement, last week, that Bush would impose a substantial reduction in emissions from Midwestern power plants. Did you even know this happened? Of course not, because news organizations either buried the story or twisted it to make it sound negative.


Bush's Clear Skies bill would scrap the litigation-based system and substitute the "cap and trade" approach that has been spectacularly successful at reducing acid rain. Caps under the Bush bill are mandatory, and the bill regulates power-plant mercury emissions for the first time, imposing a mandatory two-thirds reduction; by using a cap-and-trade approach, Bush's approach would achieve Clean Air Act goals at lower cost and without lawsuit uncertainty.
File under: What Liberal Bias?

UPDATE: Josh Chafetz continues the internet discourse on Bush's environmental record by debunking the myth that the present administration sank the Kyoto treaty.
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