Wednesday, December 17, 2003

dirty bush 

Gregg Easterblogg is still keeping track of Dubya's misreported environmental record:
Scientific evidence shows that artificially emitted mercury is accumulating in fish and water and posing health risks, though not necessarily major risks. Mercury is not mentioned in the Clean Air Act, and mercury emissions to the air have never been regulated. A clause in the Clean Air Act essentially allows, however, the EPA to impose restrictions on any pollutant found to be a public health issue. In recent years, the agency has worked on plans to enforce restrictions on mercury emissions to the air.

Tuesday, EPA Administrator Michael Leavitt announced a rule that would cut power-plant emissions of mercury by about one-third right way and by about 70 percent by the year 2018. The announcement made George W. Bush the first president to impose regulation on this toxic element, and also made Bush the president who had imposed the largest-ever unilateral air-pollution reduction program--that is, acting on his own rather than waiting for legislation from Congress. This might have won Bush praise from Democrats and pundits; needless to say it didn't. Any day now Easterblogg expects to read a headline that declares, BUSH ROLLS BACK PROTECTION FOR SUN'S FRAGILE CORONA.
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