Sunday, December 21, 2003

Good taste, bad judgement 

Old, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through an interview, especially if you're a football Hall-of-Famer:

Joe Namath's interview on ESPN was cut short when the Hall of Fame quarterback gave curious answers to Suzy Kolber's questions.

Namath was at the Patriots-Jets game Saturday night as the Jets celebrated their 40th anniversary team. Asked by Kolber, ESPN's sideline reporter, about what the team's struggles meant to him, Namath replied:

"I want to kiss you," as he leaned toward her.

He added that he believed the team would come back next season with Chad Pennington available to play quarterback all year. But those at ESPN had heard enough.

"Based on Joe's response to the second question, we concluded the interview expeditiously," the network said in a statement Sunday. "While Joe made some relevant football points, had we known what was to come, of course, we would not have conducted the interview."

Kolber responded to Namath's comments by saying "Thanks, Joe. A huge compliment."

Namath capped off the interview by repeating: "I want to kiss you." before Kolber turned things back over to the announcers in the booth.

The Jets said they would have no comment.
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