Sunday, December 14, 2003

A good week for Joe Lieberman 

A week that started with Joe Lieberman getting much of the media attention for being stiffed by Al Gore ends with the capture of Saddam Hussein. Seeing all the reactions from the Democratic presidential candidates makes me reaffirm my support for Lieberman and his hopeless campaign. This is his statement on Saddam's capture:

Hallelujah, praise the Lord. This is something that I have been advocating and praying for for more than twelve years, since the Gulf War of 1991. Saddam Hussein was a homicidal maniac, a brutal dictator, who wanted to dominate the Arab world and was supporting terrorists.

He caused the death of more than a million people, including 460 Americans who went to overthrow him. This is a day of glory for the American military, a day of rejoicing for the Iraqi people, and a day of triumph and joy for anyone in the world who cares about freedom, human rights, and peace.

This evil man has to face the death penalty. The international tribunal in The Hague cannot order the death penalty, so my first question about where he's going to be tried will be answered by whether that tribunal can execute him. If it cannot be done by the Iraqi military tribunal, he should be brought before an American military tribunal and face death.

We've got some challenges ahead of us. This is not over. We've got to seize this moment, bring in the international community to help us rebuild Iraq, ask NATO to join us in the peacekeeping, complete our victory over the insurgents and terrorists that are fighting us, and let the Iraqis govern themselves.
No whining about how Bush should have done better or oil or anything that would make one question whether Lieberman really is happy about what happened. His statement seems, and is, genuine, and not begrudged. In fact, the only shot he took was not at Bush but at Howard Dean:

This news also makes clear the choice the Democrats face next year. If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power today, not in prison, and the world would be a more dangerous place.

If we Democrats want to win back the White House and take this country forward, we have to show the American people that we're prepared to keep them safe. I consistently supported Saddam's removal for the past decade, and am prepared to do what it takes to win the war on terrorism at home and abroad.
Will any of this make Lieberman any more likely to win the nomination? Probably not. But people like Lieberman and Dick Gephardt, who has positions on the war that I like but is horrible on free trade like every other candidate (including Bush) but Lieberman, make me feel assured that not everyone in the Democratic Party has gone nuts.
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