Saturday, December 20, 2003

Grasping at straws 

So Don Rumsfeld went to Baghdad in 1984 to improve diplomatic relations. Many people will make a big deal out of this, but I don't see how it is relevant to what is going on today. If the point is that the U.S. was wrong to be an ally with Iraq in the 1980's, that might be right, but it does not follow that the U.S. is now wrong to invade Iraq. If the U.S. did "create the monster", isn't it incumbent upon us to undo the damage that we supposedly did? I find it odd that someone would say that we shouldn't have taken down Saddam because we supported him in the 80's. The inevitable attention that will be on this story seems to me to come from the hopes of some people to find anything that will be able to embarrass the administration.

On a related note, I highly doubt that Saddam will end up saying something that will embarrass Bush. For one thing, U.S. ties with Iraq were in the 1980's, and it'd be hard to blame Bush for what other people in his party did twenty years ago. While some of those people are in the current administration, Bush still doesn't have anything to do with what they did. And most importantly, it's not as if what everything Saddam says in the interrogations will be released to he public, and when he's on trial in public, he'll be too busy trying to save his life to think of clever ways to embarrass Republicans.
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