Friday, December 19, 2003

He must think we're morons 

We can add "fraud" to Wesley Clark's résumé:

This weekend Clark will try to woo football fans by sporting a Patriots football jersey in a TV ad slated to run during a Patriots vs. Jets game. "We're all patriots," he says in the spot, presumably to the bemusement of thousands of Patriots fans across New Hampshire. Camp Kerry is already giving him headaches over football allegiances -- Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter cites an AP article dated November 25, in which Clark said he loves the Green Bay Packers.

Under the headline, "MARY, WHO DO I ROOT FOR?" Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter explains:

"Wesley Clark's football allegiances seem to be as flexible as his party affiliation," Cutter said. "He is planning on donning a Pats jersey and airing a special commercial during this weekend's game, the ultimate in pandering to New England football fans. But where does Wes Clark truly stand on football allegiances?"

Cutter then cited an AP article dated November 25, in which Clark said he "loves [the Green Bay Packers]. And I hope Brett Favre's thumb gets better." She also cited an October 24 article in which Clark spokeswoman Kym Spell declared Clark is "a Razorbacks fan."

The press release features a picture of Clark signing autographs while dressed in a Packers uniform.
Please, we sports fans are not stupid. Seeing Clark wearing a jersey of our team won't make us more likely to vote for him, and if he thinks that it will, then he must think sports fans are idiots.

No truth to the rumor that Clark said that if he were the Patriots coach, the team would be 14-0.
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