Thursday, December 11, 2003

I shall be "pot." 

EU bureaucrats are very unhappy that they will not be receiving reconstruction projects funded by the American people:
"The U.S. decision is gratuitous and extremely unhelpful," EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten said in a statement. "We should be seeking to bring people together, not divide them."

The European Commission, which conducts the bloc's common trade policy, has said it will investigate whether the U.S. bar on projects worth $18.6 billion violates World Trade Organization rules.

"At the very moment when there is a general recognition that the whole international community should work together for the reconstruction of Iraq and for a stable and prosperous democratic society there, returning to old arguments and divisions doesn't seem particularly constructive," Patten said.
F**k them. What nerve! To suggest that receiving reconstruction dollars represents an actual substantive aid by these countries in Iraq is ridiculous.

There are plenty of firms through out the world, including firms from England, Australia, Spain and Italy capable of rebuilding Iraq. If we're "punishing" the Chocalate Makers by preventing them from receiving reconstruction contracts, doesn't that also mean we're "rewarding" our allies by granting them the same? Doesn't it make far better sense to reward those allies who sent soldiers into battle with our own, rather than shrinking the pot by cutting the Johnny-haven't-put-a-damn-soldier-in-anywhere's in?

If the Chocolate Makers were to provide troops and monetary support for the military operation, even at this late day, I could imagine considerable pressure from the State Department to secure contracts for Old Europe.

But they're not going to do that, are they?
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