Thursday, December 04, 2003

in the news 

1) The struggle for religious freedom for Muslims in France continues.

2) Mr. Grammar Person works for CNBC.

3) What could be more fun than hanging out with other Howard Dean voters on New Years?

4) Welkommen! German blogger David Kasper thought enough of our blog to spam me with links to his blog last week, so I'll post them. Check out this post which reports that Germans consider Karl Marx the third greatest german ever, or this post where German media "experts" on the USA can't even get the basic facts of US history correct.

5) What Media Bias? The Boston Globe ran this story about students upstaging Governor Mitt Romney at a school event on the front page, above the fold, and with an accompaning photograph in this mornings' paper. The Herald burried the story on page 32.

The students were at odds with Romney because his administration has labeled their school an "underperformer", and because he supports the M.C.A.S. exam as a graduation requirement for all high schoolers. The students, led by senior Kim Thurlow, wanted to know why severely disabled students were required to pass the exam. To make their point complete Kim Thurlow escorted to the podium Jeremy Dell, a severely disabled student whom Kim tutors for several hours every week.
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