Friday, December 12, 2003

In yesterday's news 

1) Dime bag: James Taranto has a piece on the history of the dime over at OpinionJournal, but the Boston Herald provides the easiest reason to be against the Reagan dime:
Nancy Reagan said, ``I do not support this proposal and I am certain Ronnie would not. When our country chooses to honor a great president such as Franklin Roosevelt by placing his likeness on our currency, it would be wrong to remove him and replace him with another.''
Why are conservatives so willing to go against the wishes of a man they so revere?

2) Why we love Pedro Martinez:
Martinez also saw some humor in the idea that the Sox placing Ramirez on irrevocable waivers last month would somehow hurt Ramirez' feelings. He said he had not yet spoken with Ramirez.

"He actually asked for me the other day and they gave him my phone number and he hasn't called,'' said Martinez. "But Manny is cuckoo. He is cuckoo. He is in la-la land.''
Read the full transcript of that interview here.

3) A real tragedy: Quincy Massachusetts leads the state in hunger problems.
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