Tuesday, December 30, 2003

"Indy" media 

Color me a person who thinks very little of "Indy" media. Here's a prime example from the Boston "Indy" media site:
UMass students fight international student 'fee'
In a heartening display of anti-racist unity and solidarity Dec. 11, 125 students and their allies denounced the administration’s plans to impose a new fee on international graduate students in the 2004 spring semester. The $65 per semester fee the administration plans on implementing is only applicable for international students, and is an added expense to the fees these students are required to pay.
Now, I'm all for complaining about student fee increases, but does everything involving a person of color automatically boil down to racism? As you could probably guess, nothing in the article proves the fee hike is related to race at all. Instead the article babbles on about SEVIS, a database system run by the Department of Homeland Security that has NOTHING to do with this $65.00 fee increase.

"Indy" media claims to be a "public media outlet for the radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth", but doesn't your natural reason tell you that anything consumed by radical passion very quickly bypasses any semblance of an accurate truth?
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