Thursday, December 11, 2003

I've found a candidate for 2004! 

According to William Saffire, it's Hillary. Saffire wants to know why Hillary was so... reasonable... on the Sunday talk-shows last week:
One reason is that Hillary stands aloof, hard to get, while all the others are slavering for support. Another could be that most Democrats don't yet realize she's a hard-liner at heart. A third is that her personal appeal to liberals (and apoplectic opposition from conservatives) overwhelms all Democrats' policy differences. A fourth -- and don't noise this around -- could be that she speaks for the silent majority of centrist Democrats who yearn for the Old Third Way without Mr. Clinton.
I think it's self evident that Hillary believes Howard Dean is going to be colossal failure, and she's doing her best to be a moderate. Let's remember that everything Hillary says and does should be understood by their value to a 2008 Presidential bid. Four years is a long time in the new history of Iraq, and we have reason to believe that in four years time Iraq may well be a reasonably stable fledgling democracy. Hillary is doing well for 2008 by tempering her words for that reality.

And, if things go poorly in Iraq, she can lead the anti-Bush fight.
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