Sunday, December 28, 2003


The latest CBS poll shows that voters currently prefer Bush over Dean by a 55-35 margin. What's interesting about this is the breakdown of the results by party affiliation. While Bush would lose only 3% of the Republican vote, leading 91-3, Dean would lose a fifth of all Democrats, leading Bush 70-20. Among independents, Bush would have more than twice the support of Dean, leading 57-28.

What I can't tell about Dean voters is how they react when they see polls like this. Do they really think that voters will change their minds once they convince the public that Bush is a liar and a moron? Do they think that, even without much support for Dean from the center, Dean can win simply by getting the Democratic base to show up in large numbers? Or do they not care at all that their candidate will likely lose by a big margin, and take many Democrats in Congress down with him?
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