Sunday, December 28, 2003

Letters to the Editor 

The New York Times published three letters to the editor concerning the French plan to outlaw religious symobls in public schools the other day.

Robert Porath of Boulder Colorado appears to be on board the Howard Dean band wagon, completely ignoring the fact that American conservatives are incredibly opposed to the secularization of schools, while Omer M. Mozaffar has the best quip I've read in quite some time:
To the Editor:

Re "Religious Symbols in France" (editorial, Dec. 20):

Life has been unusually difficult for me, a practicing Muslim American, for the past few years. But I thank God I'm not in France.

Perhaps the next time I order fast food, I'll order religious freedom fries.
Naperville, Ill., Dec. 20, 2003
Well said, Omer!
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