Friday, December 19, 2003

A new era at the new York Times? 

I got another reply, this time from Dan Okrent himself, for the email I sent to the New York Times about their lack of coverage on the anti-terrorist protests in Iraq. This was sent to everyone who voiced a similar complaint:

I've been in touch with the Times's Baghdad bureau and the paper's foreign desk, who attribute the failure to cover the story in detail (a three-column picture did appear in the paper) to two things: The organizers of the demonstration failed to alert the Times in advance. And, more crucially, the responsible parties at the Times dropped the ball. As you might imagine, life can be difficult and work terribly complicated for journalists in a war zone. Still, the story should have received more thorough coverage.
I'm really looking forward to his column next week, because it looks as if this will be addressed.
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