Friday, December 12, 2003

re: Thorny touch 

Isn't Hillary really the candidate who ought to be worried about Nader?

In the post Florida 2000 world Al Gore's loss is (rightly or wrongly) attributed to the following three factors:

1) The Supreme Court
2) Ralph Nader

and, a distant third

3) Al Gore's lousy campaign

If Nader runs and splits the left or somehow successfully lessens Howard Dean's base then Deaniks undoubtedly will cite Nader as the reason for their loss. "It wasn't our candidate that lost" they'll say, "it was Nader twisting the issues and siphoning off x% of the vote in key states."

The 2000 loss provided the left with a lot of silly vigor which has had amazing staying power (as Viking Pundit uncannily demonstrates), and barring the complete and utter embarrassment of Dean on the electoral alter in 2004, the Democratic party will remain "fractured" and the non-Clinton segment will survive to build for another run in 2008.
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