Monday, December 29, 2003

Rudy vs. Hillary 

John Ellis reports that a Rudy Giuliani challenge to Hillary Clinton's Senate seat on 2006 is "basically a done deal". I've been throwing this idea around for a while now, because it makes so much sense for Giuliani. Not only does he gain a lot of goodwill from conservative Republicans as Ellis suggests, he also would knock out his primary competition if he runs for president in 2008. (Ellis thinks that a Giuliani win against Hillary in 2006 would set him up to be Jeb Bush's veep in 2008, but I think he would be going for the number one spot.) The Democrats wouldn't be so quick to vote for Hillary in the primaries if they saw that Giuliani beat her just two years earlier. If Giuliani were the Republican nominee in 2008, Hillary would be the candidate who would give him the biggest problems, since she is much more likely than any other Democrat to win New York from Giuliani. On the other hand, without Hillary, a Giuliani with New York locked up looks unbeatable.

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