Monday, December 15, 2003

Second day thoughts 

Yesterday's is here.

1) When will we see the first bin Laden video? He probably won't have nice things to say about Saddam, who went out with a whimper.

2) Howard Dean and John Kerry, class acts. Here's Dean:

But the capture of Saddam has not made America safer.
And Kerry:

If we had done this with a sufficient number of troops, if we had done this in a globalized way, if we had brought more people to the table, we might have caught Saddam Hussein sooner. We might have had less loss of life. We would be in a stronger position today with respect to what we're doing.
Let's put these two statements together: we should have done it better, even though there's really no reason to do it at all.

3) I'm more convinced than ever that Bush will easily coast to re-election, not because of the fact that Saddam is captured, but from seeing the reactions of the far left. Yes, they comprise only a small part of the left, but they're the major force behind the Dean candidacy. I'd say that almost all ordinary Americans, including most liberals, were happy about Saddam's capture, didn't have a moment's thought about whether it's going to help Bush's re-election bid, and never tried to think of something negative to say about it. Dean will downplay his anti-war rhetoric after getting the nomination, but you can be sure that Bush will make every effort to let people know about it. I can't imagine blue-collar Democrats and moderates voting for Dean in large numbers. The more interesting question on election day might be how close the Republicans get to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

4) The Dow went down today. I blame Saddam's capture and Bush!

5) If the conventional wisdom is that Bush is strengthened to the point of being unbeatable, Ralph Nader will definitely run again because then he can't get accused of being a spoiler. Which, of course, just makes Bush more unbeatable. Those psychos sure are vicious.

6) Said this yesterday already, but again: woo-hoo!
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