Sunday, December 14, 2003


Just when it looks as if baseball salaries are under control, the Orioles sign Miguel Tejada for six years at $72 million. As always, it only takes one owner to screw things up. How ludicrous is this? The next highest offer to Tejada leaked to the press was Seattle offering him three years for $27 million. That means Peter Angelos, the Orioles owner, gave Tejada more than two and a half times what another other team is willing to give him.

Ramifications: this will make it likely that Nomar Garciaparra will stick to his demands to the Red Sox for six years at a minimum of $16 million a year. The Red Sox had offered him $50 million for four years. With the two sides so far apart, the Red Sox will probably focus less on re-signing Nomar and more on trading for Alex Rodriguez. Tejada might have just bought Nomar's ticket out of Boston.

UPDATE: Now that they're in the same division, Derek Lowe can give Tejada the crotch chop 19 times a year!
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