Thursday, December 18, 2003

Spinning good news 

The two previous posts made me think of how good news in the future will be spun to make it look like a negative for Bush's chances at re-election. If Dean's possible third-party candidacy and Saddam's capture can be spun to be bad for Bush, I suppose anything can. And since most of these people are so predictable, here's some possible scenarios and what these people will say about how it will affect Bush's re-election chances negatively:

Osama bin Laden is captured
Bad for Bush because: the war on terror is effectively over. We won, and while voters might reward Bush, they'll more likely be focusing on the inadequacies of Bush's domestic policy.

Unemployment goes down
Bad for Bush because: it'll remind voters of the Clinton boom. The latest round of good economic news is caused by Clinton's action's anyway, not Bush's. And unemployment isn't really down, it's just more people saying they're self-employed.

No Democrat gets a majority of delegates; they fight it out at the convention
Bad for Bush because: the Democrat who gets nominated will be battle tested. He'll have the experience of knowing how to negotiate and bring voters together. Meanwhile, the public will be reminded that Bush was given the nomination rather than earning it, much like everything else he has gotten in life. And he stole Florida.

Ralph Nader decides to run
Bad for Bush because: It'll show how right-wing extremist Bush is. Compared to Bush and Nader, the Democratic nominee will be shown as the moderate that he is and voters will flock to him. Also, Nader will rally young people to vote and bring about a Democratic Congress.

Reconciliation between Bush and France and Germany
Bad for Bush because: voters don't like France. And Chirac and Schroeder's shady dealings will make voters think of Bush and Halliburton.

Conclusive evidence of Saddam-al Qaeda ties
Bad for Bush because: his people should have figured it out sooner. The evidence was out there. And if Bush weren't so incompetent he could have prevented 9/11.

A week before the election, The Democratic nominee gets caught in a major scandal
Bad for Bush because: it'll show the Republicans are practicing the politics of personal destruction. Voters are too smart for that. They'll vote for the Democrat to show that they care about issues, not scandal.
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