Sunday, December 14, 2003


Neidermeyer! Saddam!

Dead! Captured!

A few thoughts and observations:
1) How do they know it's not a body double?

2) Currently watching the press conference and a video of Saddam being given a medical examination. I don't think that's what coalition soldiers get when they get captured ...

3) The timing of this is perfect. No conspiracies about how Bush waited until a scandal is breaking or two weeks before the election or an important primary before capturing him even though we know where he is for months, etc. (Though I'm probably giving the Democratic Underground and Indymedia people too much credit.)

4) Personal note: was dead tired this morning, but literally jumped out of bed (and yes, I do mean literally) when I heard Dan Lebatard mention Saddam's capture on ESPN radio. Now if only I can get such good news every morning to help me wake up...

5) Iraqis cheering exuberantly during the press conference, especially two guys near the front who got up and shouted every five minutes. Good for them.

6) Howard Dean is too far ahead for this to hurt him substantially. But this might put the "Dean doesn't have enough delegates so they nominate someone else at the convention" scenario in play.

7) On the other hand, Wesley Clark's statement before the capture that we should hand Saddam over the international court becomes more relevant, and I don't think it's going to help him.
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