Thursday, January 22, 2004

Clark continues to piss me off 

What a jerk.

So you support Massachusetts’s calling it marriage?
Yeah, absolutely.

How do you think Congress would react to that?
Well, they'll love it. This is exactly what they're looking for. Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay and all those guys are looking for a real hand grenade to throw into the Democratic Party. It's an absurd issue, and it's one of the reasons I'm running. No one can accuse me of being soft on defense, and no one can accuse me of not knowing about what the armed forces are about. And when I say, "It's OK," then it's OK, period. But elections aren't always about common sense. And I think [Republicans] would love to frighten people.
Now Clark's saying voters are stupid. According to him, voters would be supporting gay marriage and voting Democratic, except for those evil Republicans who play up to the voters' irrational side, and when that happens, the voters lose their common sense and vote Republican. It's an attitude like this that have caused voters to distrust Democrats in recent years.

And this quote,

And when I say, "It's OK," then it's OK, period.
has to be the most pompous thing I've heard from this campaign so far. Who does Clark think he is? I can tell that Clark his an outsized ego from this and his claim that he would have captured bin Laden if he were president. But there doesn't seem to be much substance inside that empty military uniform.

Just as Kerry looks good to me when compared to Dean, Dean looks sane and responsible compared to Clark.

UPDATE: Matthew Stinson thinks Clark's a jerk too and asks, "does Clark’s campaign have anyone dedicated to keeping the general and his events on-message?"
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