Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ever heard of a salad? 

So some guy decides to live on a diet of McDonalds for a month and make a documentary out of it. During that time, he gained 25 pounds and his health deteriorated. Of course, this is supposed to mean that McDonalds is bad for you and causes obesity blah blah blah. One has to wonder though whether he intentionally chose to eat least healthful foods on the menu (well, one doesn't have to wonder since we all know what the answer is). McDonalds does sell salads and as far as I remember veggie burgers as well. But a 30-day diet on salads and occasional fish sandwiches doesn't prove his point about bad McDonalds food, and it won't win him anything in the Sundance festival or gain him the notoriety that he wants by making his film the Bowling for Columbine of fast food.
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