Thursday, January 29, 2004

For the record 

I voted: Carmella (OH), Cassie (WA), Chloe (MD), Desiree (GA), Emily (TN), Heather (FL), Jennifer (MA), Laura (MA), Lauren (AL), Shelly (KY).

By my count that is 5 blonds and 5 non-blonds.

How the system works:

1) If you're from Massachusetts I lower the bar a little bit. The brothers have to help the sisters out. Word.
2) Bonus points for
  • Having a cool name.
  • Being from an unusual state. I know there are lots of hot chicas on the beaches of Cali and FLA, let's have the rest of the country represented.
  • Looking sexy without resorting to being in a bikini.
  • Corollary to the last rule: If you're just going to lean forward and expose what God or MasterCard gave you, why didn't you put the bikini on?

3) Negative points for
  • Being blond from a sun-shine state.
  • Being Asian from New Jersey. I just know they all have much nicer cars than me.
  • Not staying true to your roots.
  • Thongs are sexy, full blown ass shots are not.
  • Any photo that looks like the obligatory framing shot from a porn shoot. You know, the 1 non-nude "this is what the model was wearing" shot before she begins to strip. There is a fine line between "really sexy - yet tasteful" and "really sexy - why isn't she taking her clothes off?", be sure to observe it.
  • Faux or too dark tans.

4) Above all else, look real.
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